Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

thewelltravelledfamily lone pine koala sanctuary

Trying to find things to do that are local and toddler friendly can be quite difficult. We decided to check out Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to see if it was toddler friendly, Henry loved it!

About Lone Pine

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary opened back in 1927 as a safe refuge for sick, injured and orphaned koalas. This was at a time where Koala’s were being culled for the fur trade.

Where is it?

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is located at Fig Tree Pocket, around a 20 minute drive from Brisbane City. There is plenty of free parking so you can get there and leave in your own time which is helpful when getting out and about with a toddler.

thewelltravelledfamily lone pine koala sanctuary

You can also take a boat to Lone Pine, information can be found here.


We chose to buy a yearly pass because we knew visiting with a toddler meant probably leaving in 1.5 hours! Because of that, we didn’t feel a one off admission was worth the money. I would recommend buying your tickets online as it is significantly cheaper! If you choose a yearly pass, they then take your photo and print your passes out when you arrive.

Is it toddler friendly?

We found the park to be pretty toddler friendly. We took our huge Bugaboo Donkey 2 pram and had no issues with it. The walkways are fairly wide so pulling over to look at enclosure was pretty easy.

There was just one direction we took which resulted in a small staircase, otherwise everywhere else was find. It wouldn’t hurt to check out the map to be sure (which we obviously didn’t do!)

To be honest, the park probably isn’t the most exciting for adults. There are a lot of koalas and kangaroos and not a lot of anything else. In saying that, it was great for our toddler. He was able to safely walk around the grounds and look at the animals.

You can purchase feed for the kangaroos and your little one can enjoy feeding them up close!

Cuddle a Koala

There is also an opportunity to cuddle a Koala! We didn’t take up the opportunity because the line up was so long, there is no way my son would have patiently waited. We did go on a weekend though, so perhaps the weekdays are quieter?

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