The Well Travelled Family

15 ideas on what you could get parents spending some time in the NICU with their new baby or babies.
thewelltravelledfamily travelling with an infant to one year old

A guide to travelling with an infant through to one year old. Everything you need to know!

One year after the death of our 5.5 month old son, life continues but the feelings and grief never goes away. This is our personal experience.
Archie's Great Adventure

When you spend every single day for just over 5 months at the hospital, with every single day being virtually the same, you begin to believe this is...

Saying farewell to your 5 1/2 month old baby boy is something no parent should have to experience. But this was perfect, perfect for our superhero.

The day Archie was born, we were told “This is the worst case we have ever seen”, “I haven’t seen anything quite like this in my career”, “I...

When it all began… In January 2018 when we found out we were pregnant, we had no idea what was coming our way. It wasn’t until our first...

travel with baby

Your ultimate travel and packing guide for a baby under 1 and how to best prepare for your trip.
Archie's Great Adventure

We are Steven, Jenna, Henry (sometimes referred to as King Henry or Hungry Henry) and Archie (our Little Super Hero who swapped his cape for Angel Wings) du...