Travel with Baby under 1 – The Diaper Bag + Carry On Packing List

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As we begin to plan our first overseas trip with our son, Henry, we are researching how best to pack for the flight and what are the essentials. We have come up with the below checklist of things we believe are essential for your flight with a baby under one.

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Carry On packing list for your baby under 1

  1. Nappies / Diapers – Take only enough nappies to get you through the flight plus a day or two. Then, look at buying nappies at the local supermarket.
  2. Wet Wipes – This goes without saying! The same as the nappies, take enough to get you through the flight and a day or so and then buy some at a local supermarket.
  3. Baby Carrier – we love our BabyBjorn Carrier One Air and by far our favourite way of getting around with our mate, Henry.
  4. Extra Clothes (Man, Woman and Baby!) – Layers for the plane, change of clothes for the mess and depending on the length of your trip, the next size up if your little one grows as quick as our little Henry.
  5. Blanket – cover them up when sleeping on flights or use it for a spot to sit on the floor.
  6. Toys – keep it simple, something small and portable, you’ll know what this is depending on the age of your little one. The point here is that you really only need a couple of items.
  7. Snacks – Babies on formula, or once on solids, airport security is likely to make an exception with the 100ml limit for baby food. I would suggest the baby food pouches as they’re sealed, quick and easy to use when required.
  8. Pacifier & pacifier clip – this will vary from baby to baby, our little Henry never took to the pacifier and preferred self soothing on his bib.
  9. Panadol / Nurofen – Just in case. It doesn’t hurt to take it with you and it doesn’t take much space. You never know if your little one decides they don’t feel well or have a tooth playing games in the gums.
  10. Nappy / Diaper (disposable) bags–  for dirty diapers and soiled clothing.
  11. Travel change mat – they’re compact and just makes sense.
  12. Hand Sanitizer – you just never know what the public restrooms will be like.
  13. Stroller – optional – this will really depend on your destination. If you’re likely to hang around at a resort, personally I wouldn’t bother taking along our stroller, but if you’re likely to do a lot of stroller appropriate walking (i.e. footpaths etc.) then I might consider it!

Is there anything we’ve missed off this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Carry on check list for adults

Looking for a printable checklist for carry on for yourself? Click here!

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