The Well Travelled Man



Husband, father and travel enthusiast (aren’t we all). Originally from South Africa, my family relocated to Australia and I can honestly say, that is when life began. This is where I met Jenna and started my life as an accountant… Accounting has its benefits, its a universal language and has allowed me to worked in Brisbane (Australia), Sydney (Australia), London (UK), Budapest (Hungary) as well as Atlanta (USA). Living and working abroad can benefit your career, but more importantly benefits you personally. The people, the culture and things you see every day expands your thoughts and somehow creates a common connection with almost anyone and everyone you meet. Becoming a parent, we all know, provides perspective, losing our son, Archie, provides a whole other level of perspective and personal development and reminder to look after the well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. Things I love: Family. Travel. Dogs. Red Wine. Hiking. The smell of the ocean. Tennis. Grapes. New ideas. Snow. Whiskey. Laughter. Summer. People watching.

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