Tri Trang Beach – Phuket – Swimming with the Elephants

We found this place by complete accident after stopping in for lunch at a restaurant at the top off the cliffs on our way to Paradise Beach.

Imagine sitting there, enjoying the beautiful view over the water and then happen to see these grey lumps moving around in the ocean. I turned to Steven and said, I think they are elephants!

Sure enough, they were baby elephants frolicking in the water.

There are a set of steep stairs that take you down directly from the restaurant down to Tri Trang Beach where the elephants are.

thewelltravelledfamily tri trang beach elephants
thewelltravelledfamily tri trang beach elephants

You can swim with the elephants and get some photos taken. From what we could tell, the Tri Trang Beach elephants appeared to be well looked after with no damage to their skin.

There was recently a number of concerns raised about the elephants, however this does not appear to be able the health of the elephants, rather people were concerned they were destroying corals near the beach by treading on them. DMCR officials have issued a warning, both in relation to the coral, but also ongoing health of the elephants. For now, they continue to be allowed.

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