Helinox – Lightweight Outdoor Adventure Equipment

thewelltravelledfamily helinox chairs

Living in Australia, we find ourselves out and about a lot…. either at the beach, camping or at a park. We realised quickly that everything you need to take with you for a day was starting to add up… in size, weight and space. And to add to that, we now have to take stuff along for Henry which means an extra couple of bags with everything he needs.

So, when it came down to looking for the right chairs, we wanted something lightweight and compact so we can store it easily (we live in an apartment) and also it doesn’t take up much room in a bag, or on our shoulder like the traditional beach or camping chairs.

We were sitting in a park one day, and these people sat down behind us and set up these chairs. They were in the smallest bag, and when set up, they were close to the ground and low, meaning those behind you wouldn’t lose their views either. And, they looked super comfy. The brand is Helinox.

Chair One & Chair One Mini

We quickly jumped online to see what they had on offer. We opted for the Chair One and the Chair One Mini (for Henry). We also ordered the Ground Sheet for the Chair One’s so they are suitable to be used on the sand. Once they had arrived we knew we needed the table to match so ordered ourselves the Table One.

thewelltravelledfamily helinox chairs

The Chair one weights only 0.96kg with a weight capacity of 145kg and the Chair one mini weights a tiny 500g and a weight limit of 90kg. The Chair One mini is suitable for kids aged between 2 – 6.

Everywhere we go, someone asks us about these chair and where we got them. They are so unbelievably compact and perfect for anyone who gets out and about, especially those with a family who struggle for space with everything else!

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