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If there is one place to visit when you’re holidaying on the largest sand island in the world (K’Gari!!), it would have to be Lake McKenzie.

Where is Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie has the ‘WOW’ factor. There is no doubt about it. Firstly, the sand is pure white. Secondly, the water transitions from crystal clear, to light blue, to dark blue. It’s fascinating.

Likely the most visited tourist attraction on Fraser, it is easy to see why.

Located in the Great Sandy National Park, it is 6.2km southeast of the well-known Kingfisher Resort. We stopped in at the resort for lunch after our visit to the lake.

Why is it so unique?

Lake McKenzie is what they call a ‘perched’ lake. This means it actually only contains rainwater. No groundwater and it is also not fed by streams or flow through to the ocean. I didn’t even know that was a thing!

The beauty of a natural phenomenon like this is that it’s hard to believe nature created something so awesome. To stop the rainwater from draining away, the sand and other organic matter at the base of the lake actually create an impervious later. As a result, it prevents the rainwater draining away! Mind blown!

The sand is super white. It’s pure white silica and is really soft to walk on. It also acts as a filter which helps create that crystal clear water to look at. Because of how pure it is, the lake can’t actually support much life at all. This is due to high acidity levels. However, I have read that there are Fraser Island Short-Necked turtles and fish that swim around the reeds at the lake.

It is also super large and is over 1.2km long and 930m wide. It works out to be around 150 hectares in area!

Can you swim there

Yes!! We visited in September and the water temperature was pretty cold… but how can you not swim in such a beautiful lake! Take an inflatable to relax on the water.


Parking is available onsite. It does get busy so avoid peak times if you can to save time waiting for a park!

There are toilets and cold shower facilities available. You will also find a fenced seating area for you to have some lunch if you wish.

Lake McKenzie Fraser Island

Top 3 things to remember before visiting Lake McKenzie

  1. No food is allowed down at the lake. This is because of the Dingos on Fraser Island. If you want to grab some lunch or a snack, you will need to utilise the fenced section near the carpark.
  2. Take your inflatables. It’s so nice to relax on the water!
  3. There is a bit of a walk from the carpark down to the lake – you will need to wear some footwear (thongs/flip flops are acceptable)

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Lake McKenzie Fraser Island

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