Tips for preparing and getting through a long haul flight…

As we sit here preparing for yet another economy long haul flight, I started thinking of the things that I need to keep with me to help make the most uncomfortable part of travelling a little more comfortable.

thewelltravelledman preparation for a long haul flight

What to pack

Having been fortunate to have travelled business class a few times, some of the items included in the amenities bag have made a significant difference to the enjoyment of my flight, most importantly:

  • lip balm (British Airways has me addicted to Elemis!)
  • hand and face moisturiser (your skin will dry out on the plane!)
  • my own eye mask (as often the ones on the aircraft aren’t as good as your own!)
  • toothbrush and toothpaste.  Although most airlines will give these to you, having your own is always nice
  • deodorant to keep you feeling fresh, whether heading straight to a meeting or if you’re about to give your family a big hug!

thewelltravelledman preparation for a long haul flight

It will make life a lot easier if you carry a small bag (or handbag for the ladies) to carry the essential items instead of having to try and open up your carry on suitcase in the middle of the flight with limited space!  The items generally not included in the amenities pack which I find helpful to carry with me includes:

  • travel pillow
  • snacks if you get hungry in between meal services
  • medication that you may need during the flight, remembering some flight and layovers can be over 24 hours!
  • large bottle of water which you should buy once you’re through security.  You can always ask the flight attendants to top your bottle up for you when you’re running low.  This helps between drink services and we all know those small plastic cups of water don’t last more than 3 mouthfuls!!
  • headphone splitter which allows you to plug two (or more) separate headphones into one device such as your iPhone, iPad or Android device to share your music or videos with your flight partner (or the random next to you! you know they’ll look at what you’re doing either way!).

What to wear:

Before thinking about what you want to wear, make sure you shower before any long haul flight!

If you don’t want to wear ‘daggy’ clothes to the airport, you can carry a spare set of clothes with you on the flight.   You don’t want to be wearing something restrictive, for women this could include skinny jeans and tight shirt, instead, you will want to wear some comfortable leggings / flowy genie pants and a comfortable top or jumper. Men have it easy!

Most importantly, you want to wear:

  • shoes that you can easily slip on and off.  This way, you can slip your shoes off when you’re in your seat or sleeping, but can easily put them back on when you want to get up to stretch your legs or go to the lavatory (make sure you wear shoes in the bathroom, the wet in the lavatories is not just splashes of tap water!).
  • wool socks, both to remind you to remove your shoes but also to keep your feet warm (I don’t use compression socks, yet..!)
  • loose clothing and layers such as a lightweight jacket or cardigan

Do you have travel insurance?

Before travelling, make sure you get a travel insurance policy – you never know when you might need it! Click here for information on travel insurance, what company we recommend and a link to get an instant quote.


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