Eat Street Brisbane: The Ultimate Foodie Extravaganza

If you love street food and an outdoor atmosphere, Eat Street Markets in Brisbane is the place for you!  So, if you’re in Sunny Queensland, make sure you stop by this dog-friendly event!

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

Location: Just put Macarthur Ave, Hamilton, Brisbane, Australia into your GPS.

Opening Hours:  Friday & Saturday from 4pm – 10pm and Sundays 11am – 7pm

Parking:  There are 500 free parks available!  It does get busy, so get there early!

Entry Fee:  Click here for current prices.

We recently stopped by with friends to see what all the fuss was about.  It was great and when we’re next in Brisbane, we will certainly be making another visit!


We walked the entire market on the hunt for something delicious to eat, and it was hard to walk past the smell of scrumptious doughnuts!

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

But, I decided on some Pad Thai which was exactly what I needed. Jenna, on the other hand, was on the hunt for wood fire pizza, but the joint had just sold out! Instead, Jenna decided the healthy option was the only option and bought one of those deep fried curly potato sticks, which was a little disappointing for the $5 they charged and backed it up with a cronut!

For those of you who don’t know what a Cronut is, it is a mixture between a doughnut and a croissant.  Jenna joined the lengthy queue for one of these and with the help of the staff, picked the most popular, tim tam cronut.

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

The cronut vendor at the Eat Street Markets, who has been a vendor for nearly 3 years, uses only premium grade Cadbury chocolate. Jenna said at the time that she would have preferred her cronut warmed up, but we have since found out that the cronut cannot be served warm because not only would the chocolate melt on the top, it would actually make the cronut taste buttery!

The process behind each cronut involves 3 days of mixing, folding and resting. The final result is 64 layers of beautiful buttery pastry!

The cronut stand is by far the most popular sweet stand in the entire market!

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

Now, what we should have tried was a Funnel Cake.  Now, no one seems to know what that is, but lucky for us, they have an explanation on their van!  Funnel Cake = Donut + Waffle + Churro.

Their van was full of fun and excitement, playing their own burlesque style music with suitable outfits, they even dance while making it!  The dessert looked great, we only wish we purchased one for ourselves!

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane


There are live bands and musicians scattered all throughout the grounds.   In the main area, there are tables and chairs so you can sit down and relax and listen to the music.

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

Other stuff

There is not only food and entertainment, but plenty of shops to pick up some other bits and pieces such as candles and clothing etc.

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

And if you like to just sit back and relax, you can grab yourself a bite to eat and head out to the large grassy area with plenty of deck chairs (but no alcohol is allowed in this part, so if you’re a bit cheeky buy yourself a mocktail and add a shot from one of the local bars!)

thewelltravelledman eat street brisbane australia

In a nutshell – it is a pretty cool, funky place to visit and very popular with the locals!  So, if you have a Friday or Saturday evening free – definitely pop in for a visit!

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There is no love sincerer than the love of food – George Bernard Shaw


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