The 5 must have London phone apps!!

Getting around London is daunting… what tube to take, where to change.. oh no, the tube is closed for maintenance… what bus do I take? Yep, all sound familiar?

thewelltravelledman london must have apps

Our top 5 London phone apps

These apps came in so handy for us when living in London…

  1. Citymapper – This would have to be one of the best apps I’ve used… EVER. It is free and can help you find your way around London, whether you’re using public transport, walking or cycling. They even give you the approximate cost of a taxi compared to public transport and how many calories you burn if you walk it instead!
  2. Whatsapp – This app is massive pretty much everywhere, but particularly in London! Everyone has it, everyone uses it. Who sends texts anyway?
    thewelltravelledman london apps
  3. Uber – When you don’t want to take a taxi, you can see the fare estimate, how far away they are and they usually always have a promo code to use! What’s even better is that you pay using your credit card via the app – no more cash payments!
  4. Skyscanner – We used skyscanner to search for all of our holiday flights! It compares each of the airlines ensuring you pick up the best prices!
  5. BBC Weather – Probably the most accurate weather app we used while being in London! Given how often the weather changes, it is worth getting this one!

thewelltravelledman london apps

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