What to expect of the Sydney SKYWALK

If you’re looking the best spot in Sydney for an uninterrupted birds eye view over Sydney, the Sydney SKYWALK is for you!

The SydneyTowerr Eye is exactly twice the height of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! In fact, SKYWALK is Sydney’s highest open air attraction with views across all of Sydney for up to 80kms in all directions.

On your 45 minute tour, your guide gives you an insiders commentary on the incredible and most famous landmarks of Sydney, including the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanical Gardens and Hyde Park.  Click here for a snapshot of what you will see when on the tour.

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Arrival at Sydney Tower Eye

When you arrive at the entrance to the Sydney Tower Eye in the Westfield Building to collect your tickets, you walk through the very informative entrance, showcasing the comparison between the different sky scrapers around the world and also the details of the construction of the Sydney Tower Eye. After your professional photo (which is available for purchase upon exit), you’re then shown through to the 4D cinema experience. The movie runs for about 10 minutes and transports you across Sydney Harbour and iconic landmarks. Given it is 4D, there are in-theatre effects including wind and bubbles!

Then, its up to the observation deck via the high speed lift, which is where the registration desk for the SKYWALK is located. After you’ve signed a couple of forms and taken a breath test, it’s time to get ready for the experience!

Our SKYWALK experience

There were 10 of us booked in for the first tour of the day.

thewelltravelledman sydney skywalk

We were each given a blue SKYWALK onesie and a locker to put all of our personal items in. The next step was to walk up the two flights of stairs which is where we were given our harnesses and asked if anyone was a little scared of what we were about to do… and given Jenna is afraid of heights, she was first to put up her hand! Luckily these guys are frequently visited by the adventurous travelleres (who are scared of heights) so don’t let this stop you! The only reason they ask the question is to allow you to stand in the front or back of the group where they’re able to help you, or absolute worst case, let you turn around! If you’re in the middle of group – you’re stuck!!

Next thing we know, our harness is attached to the railing and we’re off!  We each follow the person in front of us and before you know it, you’re outside, 268 metres high up on an external 360 degree walkway around the turret of Sydney Tower. The views are simply breathtaking and not having to look through glass or fight a heap of other people for a good view in the observation deck is definitely worth it!  The views are all for you and there is absolutely no hurry.

You’ll be walking on air 268 metres above stunning Sydney, with the city streets directly beneath your feet. Look down through the glass floor viewing platform for a bird’s-eye perspective of the bustling city below, as part of a 45 minute guided tour around the outside of the iconic golden turret of Sydney Tower.

Soon enough we’re walking out on the first spectacular glass floor viewing platform where you can look directly down at the streets of Sydney.. And before you think – glass platform, how can that be safe?  Well, our trusted guide told us that each square of glass can hold up to 400kg and the entire platform can hold two elephants! The bit Jenna didn’t feel too comfortable with to start with was the fact that the platform is designed to move, to allow for wind, temperature fluctuations and storms etc. But, once our group did a must do jump shot, Jenna became more comfortable that we weren’t going to fall through!!

thewelltravelledman sydney skywalk

Each group had plenty of time to get personal photographs taken by our guide, which are available to view and purchase after the tour.

thewelltravelledman sydney skywalk

thewelltravelledman sydney skywalk

thewelltravelledman sydney skywalk

thewelltravelledman sydney skywalk

It was then time to start making our way to the other side of the tower to where the second glass platform is.. but on the way there, you have an opportunity to touch one of the letters from the ‘Westfield’ sign located on the side of the tower! It is pretty cool when you’re on the street level, looking up and thinking to yourself.. yeah.. I touched the S of Westfield!  After a pit stop on the second glass platform, it was time to head back inside, unclip from the harness and head back down the two flights of stairs to the observation deck.

After the tour

Once you arrive back at the observation deck, you’re able to remove your overalls, collect your belongings and take a look at the professional photos that were taken to decide if you want to buy one photo or the entire package. The benefit with buying the whole package is you can download the photos online that evening!

You can then spend as much time as you like on the observation deck before heading back down. But honestly, this simply doesn’t compare to the SKYWALK!!

Our verdict

Overall, we had a really enjoyable time and the views are spectacular.  We went first thing in the morning, but I think if you can time it for sunset, it would be even more spectacular!

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thewelltravelledman sydney skywalk

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