Renting a car in Tasmania with Hertz – What you need to know!

So you’ve planned a trip to Tasmania and you’re wanting to see as much as you can possibly fit in. The only way to see Tasmania properly is by hiring a car and doing it yourself.

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania.

Which car hire company do you choose?

We booked our car through Hertz. The booking process is simple and hassle free and their prices are competitive. We are also Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members, so booking through Hertz is a no brainer for us! Keep reading for information on the Gold Plus Rewards.

What is the best car to hire in Tasmania?

When you’re looking online at your rental options, you probably start looking at the cheapest option. That can often be fine, but you need to remember you will be driving around Tassie, you will have luggage (and probably more than one small bag) and you will no doubt be leaving luggage in the car from time to time while you’re in between your accommodation and out exploring some of the magical beaches or walks.

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania

So, with this in mind, it is important to take note of how many suitcases can fit into your car and how many of you will be travelling. Even though there were only two of us, we each had a large bag plus a carry on bag each (remember, hiking boots and clothing for all types of weather conditions take up space, as well as your camera gear).

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania.

We hired a larger 4WD vehicle and when we arrived, received the keys to a brand new Holden Trailblazer! The boot was large enough to fit our two large suitcases and two small suitcases so no one could see these when we parked the car out in public. The car was also a diesel which is simply a must when travelling long distances. We only had to fill up 3 times (and the last time, the car wasn’t even empty!). A diesel car goes much further on a tank than a petrol car – so another thing to consider.

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania.

Is it worth taking the full insurance?

When you get the price for full insurance, you are probably frustrated that it is just about the same price as the car hire itself… BUT we always take out full insurance (particularly in Europe – read more here) and the last thing you want on a trip is an excess when something goes wrong. Remember, it’s called an accident for a reason!

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania

The piece of mind is absolutely worth it – we absolutely loved the amount of wildlife along the roads, we had kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and more. These guys generally sit along the side of the road but on more than one occasion did we have to slow down and be a bit more careful when driving (especially at dusk and dawn). The last thing you would want is a) to injure an animal, and b) pay for the excess to a vehicle you’ve driven for a week or two.

It is worth mentioning is that no car hire company (that we could find) will insure you on an unsealed road in Tasmania, so keep this in mind (there are a lot of unsealed roads in Tassie) so regardless of your full insurance, you want to be careful on those roads.

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania

What to see in Tasmania

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Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program

Hertz has this wonderful program called the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. It isn’t like most gold status rewards programs in the sense that this one is free to join.

The benefits include:

  • Choose a car you like better on the spot
  • Receive vehicle updates or select an upgrade right on your phone
  • Pay no additional driver fees
  • Redeem your points on anytime

Plus plenty more.  To join this great program, click here.

Here are a few snaps of our beasty car in Tassie!

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania

DCIM102GOPROG0867249thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania

thewelltravelledman hertz hiring a car in tasmania

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