6 Incredible Italian Coastal Towns you must visit in your lifetime!!

Top Italian Coastal towns to visit in your lifetime

Italy happens to be one of those countries that consistently delivers on picture perfect coastal towns, each of which is very unique in their own way but all incorporate spectacular scenery. Whether it is the crystal clear water, perfect for swimming or the colourful houses that hug the dramatic cliff faces behind you.

Below are our personal top 6 Italian coastal towns that you should visit in your lifetime!

Our top Italian coastal towns to visit in your lifetime!

The first two come from the same area in Italy, Cinque Terre. Although there are 5 incredible villages that surround this part of the coastline, our favourite two would be Vernazza and Riomaggiore. To read a detailed post on Cinque Terre, click here.


Next on the list is of course probably the most famous of them all, Positano on the incredible Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi coast is simply spectacular, from the winding roads on the incredibly dramatic cliff face to the villas that have a view to die for. To read more about the Amalfi Coast and our top 10 things to do while there, click here. For a heap more pictures of the Amalfi Coast, click here.

Top Italian Coastal towns to visit in your lifetime

Taormina… it’s probably somewhere you’ve never heard of, am I right? Well, this was my favourite stop during our road trip around Sicily. The water is perfect, there is no sand to blow onto your sun screened body. To read more about Sicily and Taormina, click here.

Located a short boat ride from Sicily is, of course, the island of Favignana, and the incredible beach of Cala Rossa. You don’t need words to describe how spectacular the colour of the water is here, the picture says it all.

The last town on our list (and by no means does this mean it is any less spectacular than the others) is in Sardinia. It is of course Cagliari. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and is also a busy coastal town. There is plenty to see and do here, but it is also incredibly close to some amazing beaches and flamingos!! Click here to read more about Sardinia and planning your trip.

Italian Coastal Towns

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Where is your favourite Italian coastal town? Leave your comments below!!

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  1. I studied in Cagliari for 10 months and I’m missing the place. Saw your post when I searched “cagliari” tags. I absolutely love the place and Sardinia definitely has some of the best beaches there are.

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