How to pick the best seat on a plane – A useful guide!

Have you ever wondered how you can find the best seat on the plane? Are you sick of being stuck next to the toilets, or across from a crying baby? This guide can help you determine what seat is best suited for you when you’re booking your flights!

You might think that paying for an exit row seat is the only guaranteed way to be given the best seat on the plane, the most legroom and space. This is not necessarily the case! In some instances, an exit row seat may not have the same level of recline as other seats and actually, the wall of the plane may be slightly curved which will give you less space!

How to pick the best seat on a plane?

One sure way to check these things is by looking at SeatGuru. This website gives you the ability to search for your aircraft and the seating plans.

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After putting in your flight details into the SeatGuru website, it brings up a map of your plane with green, yellow and red seats for best to worst. Red warnings include window seats with no actual windows and those seats that can’t recline.

thewelltravelledman how to pick the best seat on a plane

However, when online check in opens, it is worth checking the seat availability again as you might get lucky and have an empty back row, which may be close to the lavatories, but also may mean you can lay flat (well as flat as you can in economy) and get a good nights rest.

Then there is, of course, old fashioned customer service!! When you go to check in for your flight, you can always ask the staff if they are able to move you to a better seat. You never know, if you’re nice to them they may do you a favour!

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Have you used SeatGuru and do you find it helpful? Leave your comments below.

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