Guide: Accor Plus – Claiming your FREE night!

Wondering how to claim the complimentary Accor Plus night?

Not only will we provide a guide on how to book the complimentary night, but we will also go into a bit more detail as to how much we saved over a 12 month period by simply having the Accor Plus membership.

Please note, this is different from the free Accor Live Limitless (“ALL”) loyalty program. If you’re keen to learn more about the Accor Plus membership that provides you with a complimentary night and many more discounts, then click here for an overview of this program or click here to view their website directly. 

Guide to claiming your free Stay Plus night with Accor Plus

This couldn’t be easier!

Simply log into the Accor Hotels website, search for your preferred date and property (within Asia Pacific) and you’ll notice a ‘Stay Plus Benefit’ banner at the top of the results which you can toggle on/off if you would like to use this for the booking.

Below are a few examples of results with the Stay Plus Benefit toggled on indicating the rooms are complimentary.

Accor Plus Stay Plus Room Availability

If you’re wanting to stay a couple of nights and use your free night, make sure you’re searching for accommodation for your entire stay – you can still claim your free night within that booking.

Stay Plus benefit room category

It is worth noting that the properties do have limited availability for the stay plus benefit, which is for a standard room.

Properties and booking periods with high demand will need to be booked well in advance (some nearly a year in advance, such as Elements at Byron Bay or Sofitel at Noosa) if you would like to use your complimentary night.

However, you will notice when you’re searching the website that if the property does not have the standard room available, then you can opt for a premium room by paying the difference between the base room and the room that is available. We paid around $30 extra for our stay at Pullman Bunker Bay, glad we did as the room was incredible!

Accor Hotels Pullman Bunker Bay

Tips for redeeming your Stay Plus benefit

Although you can use this at most of the Accor Hotels properties, we would recommend being a little strategic about it.

Don’t go booking a night at the Ibis or Mercure as your complimentary night if you can book the Sofitel or Pullman! The base room rate for the Pullman Bunker Bay is around $250 – that’s what I say is getting your value out of the membership!

How much we’ve saved in one year by having our Accor Plus membership

We easily saved more than $1,100!

The complimentary night at Pullman Bunker Bay was around $250, which to be fair, is an average rate at many Australian properties. We also enjoyed a discounted dinner during the stay which was around $150.

During our membership year, we have estimated the discounts received on breakfasts to be another $810. This doesn’t even take into account any of the occasional lunches or dinners.

Discounted breakfasts of $810?!

Now, I’m sure you’ve just questioned the $810 savings on breakfast alone. To be fair, we do travel a bit so do your own estimations. For example, in a recent twelve month period, we stayed at the following properties:

  • Ibis Styles Harrington (1 night, December 2016)
  • Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach (2 nights, December 2016)
  • Mercure Port Macquarie (1 night, January 2017)
  • Novotel Newcastle Beach (1 night, January 2017)
  • Pullman Magenta Shores (2 nights, March 2017)
  • Sofitel Saigon Plaza (3 nights, April 2017)
  • Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi, MGallery by Sofitel (3 nights, April 2017)
  • Hotel Royal Hoi An, MGallery by Sofitel (3 nights, April 2017)
  • Ibis Saigon Airport (1 night, April 2017)
  • Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square (2 nights, September 2017)
  • Mercure Perth (1 night, September 2017)
  • Pullman Bunker Bay (2 nights, September 2017)
  • Elements of Byron, MGallery by Sofitel (3 Nights, December 2017) – stay yet to come

That was a total of 25 nights in total and if you keep reading I’ll explain how we estimated the saving of $810 on breakfast alone!

Accor Hotels Hotel Royal Hoi An, MGallery By Sofitel

We have breakfast at the hotels each morning, why wouldn’t you!

The Accor Plus membership generally provides you with a 50% discount for up to two people. Being conservative, if breakfast averages $30 per person ($60 per day for two people) this would have cost $1620! Luckily, after the 50% discount, we saved a whopping $810 on breakfast alone! 

In addition to the breakfast savings, you also save if you dine when you dine at the restaurant with up to 50% off your meals and some hotels even offering a discount on beverages as well.

Do you have to stay at the hotel to get the dining discount?

NO! You do not need to be staying at the hotel to get the benefit of your membership. If you fancy a nice buffet breakfast at the Sofitel in your local city, just head on in, present your Accor Plus membership card and get 50% off your breakfast – simple as that!

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Accor Plus website and register! The sooner you do, the sooner you start saving money. Remember, it will take a little while for the membership to be processed so don’t leave it until the last minute before you go on holidays!

Disclaimer: Savings are approximate and your personal savings will depend greatly on how much you travel, the hotels you choose to stay at and how frequently you dine in the properties.

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  3. I completely agree with you ! It’s an exceptional program and if you travel a lot is worth while. I’m at 37 room nights with a few small trips left for the year. Aside from the savings on meals, the benefits come in room up grades and hospitality. Our recent trip to Bali had us at managers cocktail events and great experiences. Plus the great deals that come through regularly make planning the next escape easy and enjoyable. We also used our free night at Bunker Bay this year and benefited from amazing opening deal rates at the Sofitel Sydney darling harbour !
    Big thumbs up from me !!

    • Hi Karen! I am glad you also agree with our comments about the membership. How amazing is Bunker Bay! We also would love to stay at the Sofitel Darling Harbour – it looks incredible!

  4. This sounds like it’s worth investigating if you’re a regular traveller, especially as members can benefit from the dining discount without actually staying at a property. A really helpful post for people who are interested in Accor Plus membership.

  5. I’m heading down to the Margaret River region this Christmas and will definitely look into signing up for this. We’ve had drinks at Pullman Bunker Bay but never stayed overnight – hopefully one day I’ll be able to claim a free night!

  6. This looks like a great deal and worth exploring especially for the travellers. Walking up for a luxurious breakfast with 50%off is another thing we would really like. I think they will be great with their hospitality too. So surley gonna check this out. Thanks

    • Absolutely worth it in my opinion!! Enjoy those half price breakfasts!

  7. It happened to me to use an Ibis from time to time and I was considering adding the membership (if it is free) now I see it is very convenient! Does it work like with airlines that you need to accumulate a certain number of points first? The free night program is only available in Asia Pacific? Thanks for the tips

    • Hi Elisa! If you’re looking for the free program with Accor, that doesn’t give you the complimentary stay. However, you can earn points the more you stay and you can claim your points towards a stay. If you’re looking for the complinetary stay with the Accor Plus program, that is the paid program! I’d recommend using your complimentary night at a Pullman, Sofitel or MGallery so you get great value for money!

  8. Hello!

    Can I earn point from Stay Plus Benefit or free night and why?


    • Hi Olivier- the free night itself doesn’t earn points, but any additional spend does qualify, i.e. if you upgrade the room category, dine in etc then you should earn points (based on our experience).

      Always good to confirm with Accor if this is important 🙂

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  11. hi,

    Is the complimentary stay one time off? or is it on a yearly basis?

    As for the membership, is it lifetime membership? or renewable yearly?


    • Hi there, it’s renewable yearly and you get a stay plus benefit (free night) each year you renew 🙂

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  14. when you use your free complimentary night as a silver member do you get any discount to stay an extra night or two?If so what would be the discount?

    • Hi there- it does depend as there may be specific Accor Plus sales available at the time of booking, however the Red Hot Rooms through Accor Plus will give you 10% off the Best Available Rate even when there isn’t a sale!

    • Hi Kenneth, there is a section in the post which tries to explain this. When you search for accomodation, if you have Accor Plus then there will be a ‘Stay Plus Benefit’ banner at the top of the results which you can toggle on/off if you would like to use this for the booking.

      Hope this helps!

  15. for stay plus free room redemption ,are we allow to top up the fare difference to get family room?

  16. Does anyone know if the Stay Plus free night can be booked for a friend to use without the member staying ? Thanks !

    • Hi Thomas, the membership cards are non-transferable and strictly personal. It may only be used by the member whose first and last names appear on the card. Accordingly, it may not be transferred, sold or loaned to someone else.

      Long story short, it may work if the property does not ask to see your membership card during check-in, but staying within the rules, you will not be able to book a Stay Plus night on behalf of someone else.

  17. Thank you very much. I actually managed to find that out after waiting on phone for over an hour. I asked because I have used once before and nothing was checked, As you said. that’s probably why it worked. Thanks again !

  18. Hi thank you for the information. Could you recommend which hotel to use my benefit night? I’m in Brisbane. (I’ve stayed with Sofitel Brisbane and Gold Coast already)
    Thank you very much 🙂

    • Hi Ellen! We find the best value for using the stay plus within driving distance to Brisbane would be Sofitel Noosa Pacific. There is a $100 supplement fee for that hotel but we still find it the best value for money. In saying that, this hotel books out really quickly so I would suggest getting in early and booking well in advance! Click here to take a look at make your booking!

  19. Hi, we are part of the Ambassador programme for the Intercontinental and thinking of switching to Accor Plus for a year. Do you know if the Sofitel Fiji Waitui Club is an option for the Stay Plus free night. Unfortunately cannot check with properties are part of the free night stay without actually becoming a member. Thanks!

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