The Bay of Fires, Tasmania – the complete guide

Picture this… white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and these giant boulders that have this burnt orange lichen-covered all over them, giving the area the name Bay of Fires. It is easily Tassie’s most popular tourist destinations. Does this sound like a place you would like to explore?

I’m pretty sure you’ll say yes- so keep reading to find out where the best stops are along the Bay of Fires because it isn’t just one spot, but rather, it extends up the east coast starting at Binalong Bay.

Where is the Bay of Fires

Located on the northeastern coast of Tasmania, you will find the Bay of Fires. It isn’t just one spot, but rather the coastline from Binalong Bay to Eddystone Point.

How to get to the Bay of Fires

Depending on your Tasmania trip, you have the choice of either flying into Hobart or Launceston. If you’re only wanting to visit this region, I would suggest flying into Launceston as it is closer to the Bay of Fires.

If you’re planning a road trip, you can probably fly in and out of either airport depending on your itinerary!

Where to stop along the Bay of Fires coastline

Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay is a small town located at the southern end of the Bay of Fires region. From Binalong Bay, you can explore what the north-east of Tassie has to offer.

The first beach you arrive after Binalong Bay blew our minds! It was so picture perfect.

Jeanneret Beach:

As you start driving along Gardens Road you will see the sign for Jeanneret Beach. It is beautiful as is the entire coastline, but if you’re stuck for time you can probably skip this stop and continue heading down the road.

Cosy Corner South:

As you head along Gardens Road from Binalong Bay you will see the signs for Cosy Corner South. It’s pretty and worth a quick stop in for a photo!

Cosy Corner North:

Next, along Gardens Road you will see the signs for Cosy Corner North. It is so pretty here! We spent a bit of time here enjoying the beautiful colours and contrasts.

The Gardens:

Keep following Gardens Road until you can’t go any further! You have reached The Gardens. It is so beautiful down this part of the coast. The orange rocks, perfect blue water – what’s not to love!

The Gardens Beach

As you head back down Gardens Road, you can pull over and enjoy the beautiful white sandy beach! It was a bit cold when we visited so we didn’t hop in for a swim, but the beach was perfect!

Best spot for Sunrise at the Bay of Fires

We woke up very early one morning, drove down to Cosy Corner North and enjoyed watching the sunrise. It was absolutely breathtaking particularly as the sun started shining on the orange rocks. It was worth the early start!

Where to stay at the Bay of Fires

We stayed at Bed in the Treetops.  This B&B is located in Binalong Bay on a 37-acre property.

The room was lovely, we had the romantic spa suite and was spacious and there was even some delicious homemade cake waiting for us on arrival.

The home is 160m above sea level which means you can enjoy views overlooking Binalong Bay, Moulting Bay, Georges Bay, St Helens Island and the Southern Ocean.

Each morning breakfast is served in the upstairs dining room. You can pre-select from the menu when you check in and let them know what time suits.

Tip: Getting to the property, you need a car and some confidence. The driveway is quite steep, there are warning signs but you need to give it a bit so you don’t conk out halfway up the hill and then you’ll be stuck!

Where to eat at Binalong Bay

You can choose to make your own food at the B&B, otherwise, you can head out to a restaurant.

We ate at Moresco Restaurant. It was a rainy evening when we arrived, but on a nice day, the view would be amazing!

Our B&B host made a reservation for us and also drove and picked us up so we didn’t have to drive!

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Photo Gallery

Here are some more photos of the Bay of Fires region! Enjoy 🙂

Bay of Fires

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