Top 5 European Summer Destinations to add to your bucket list

Europe in Summer is next level, out of this world amazing. We have had some incredible holidays and there are so many that we would recommend. However, we thought we’d put our top 5 most popular posts together that will make for one incredible European Summer vacation!

Our top 5 European Summer Destinations

#1 Sicily, Italy

There is no surprise that Italy is on this list (and more than once!). Sicily is one of those places where you truly feel like you’re in another country, minimal English is spoken and the food is devine. Don’t even get me started on the beaches. Simply amazing.

We spent 5 days driving around the beautiful island and recommend doing just that. Click here to read more and check out our suggested itinerary.

#2 Zakynthos, Greece

This is our most popular post by far and it isn’t hard to see why. Zakynthos, when we visited wasn’t all that popular or known. We simply knew it as the island that had the Trip Adviser photo (before they changed it of course!).

Click here to read more about visiting Zakynthos including how long we would recommend, how to get around and what to see on the island!

#3 Lake Como, Italy

What’s not to love about relaxing by one of the most beautiful lakes in the world? This part of Italy is truly breathtaking and absolutely worth a visit this summer.

Click here to read more about Lake Como, where to stay and what to do.

#4 Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This place is cool. It is buzzing in the summertime and if you’re planning a trip to Croatia, then it’s only a short drive to get to Mostar and see the famous Stari Most.

Click here to read more about what to see in Mostar, and getting there from Dubrovnik via the beautiful Kravice Waterfalls.

#5 Sardinia, Italy

This would have to be one of our favourite summer road trip destinations we did! A week in Sardinia is a week in my life that I will remember forever. It was simply fantastic.

The beaches, the food, the people – what’s not to love about this part of Italy?

Click here to read about our favourite parts, getting around and what to see in Sardinia.

What do you think about this top 5? Where do you love visiting in the European Summer?

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