Sardinia Day Seven: Olbia and Golfo Aranci

If you’ve been reading our 7 day Italian Love Affair blog on Sardinia, then you know that some of the most incredible beaches are found on this island! As our trip drew to a close, we were able to stop into one last beach before flying back to London.

We spent the morning at Golfo Aranci. The beach was lovely, but not the type of beach I could spend my whole day.  This suited us as we had to get back to the apartment to pick our bags and car and head to the airport, which is luckily only a 15-minute drive away!

thewelltravelledman sardinia golfo aranci

Typically in Sardinia, you have to drive down dirt or gravel roads to get to the beach, and Golfo Aranci was no different! It makes you question if you’re, in fact, going the right way, or if you’re even on an actual road anymore!  You soon stumble across the perfect water and beaches that line the eastern side of Sardinia.

thewelltravelledman sardinia golfo aranci

thewelltravelledman sardinia golfo aranci

We didn’t spend too much time here, just enough to grab a few snaps and head back to Olbia to pack up our things.

For lunch on our last day in Olbia, we stopped in at a little pizza place called Old Station.  We ordered one pizza to share between the two of us and it was plenty!  The food came out quickly and the service was also pretty good.  It is a great place if you like to people watch as you can sit on the street front and watch the people and cars go past!

It was an awesome way to finish such an incredible holiday. We certainly felt quite relaxed heading back to the airport to drop off our rental car and checking in for our flight!

thewelltravelledman sardinia golfo aranci Olbia Sardinia

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