A weekender guide to Jervis Bay, NSW Australia

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Having been named the beach with the whitest sand in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, does Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay live up to the hype? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

This post will focus on all of the lovely beach spots to visit on your weekend trip to Jervis Bay.

2.5 day itinerary for Jervis Bay

Day 1: Arrive late afternoon, check in to accommodation

Day 2: Hyams Beach, Chinaman’s Beach, Huskisson, Booderee National Park (including Murray’s Beach, Hole on the Wall and Green Patch)

Day 3: Callala Bay, Callala Beach, Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, Honeymoon Bay

Where is Jervis Bay

From Sydney, the drive down to Jervis Bay is around 3 hours. It is a pretty good drive as long as you avoid leaving at peak hour! If you have an extra full day, I’d recommend driving through the Royal National Park, Wollongong or Kiama.

Hyams Beach

It may have the whitest sand in the world, but I certainly wouldn’t rank it the number 1 beach in Jervis Bay! Don’t get me wrong, the beach was lovely but there wasn’t a ‘wow’ factor for us… but then again, we’ve seen some incredible beaches over the past couple of years! We actually preferred the beach next door… Chinaman’s Beach

Chinaman’s Beach

Located next to Hyams Beach, Chinaman’s beach is much smaller and personally, I think it is much nicer than Hyam’s Beach.


Huskisson has a couple of beaches, but probably none that I’d spend a few hours at. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, the Huskisson Bakery is amazing and the food is delicious!

Booderee National Park

Booderee is an Aboriginal word from the Dhurga language meaning ‘bay of plenty’ or ‘plenty of fish’. The park is pretty big, 6379ha to be exact! It is located south of Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay and includes 875ha of the marine environment. You do need to buy a permit to enter the park, and because we went via car, this cost us $11 (for the car, not per person). You can find the current prices here and a map of the park here. Check out where we stopped below.

Murrays Beach

Our absolutely favourite beach in Jervis Bay!  This beach was pretty much empty, the water was perfect, crystal clear and it was just relaxing. You can easily spend hours at this beach!

Hole in the Wall

On our way back from Murrays Beach, we stopped into Hole in the Wall.

Cave Beach

If you’re hoping to see some kangaroos or just relax on a nice beach, Cave Beach has both covered.

Scottish Rocks

We popped in here to see what it was all about. It was pretty, but not somewhere we would spend any amount of time there. It isn’t really the spot for relaxing.

Green Patch

The same as Scottish Rocks for us – worth a stop in, but that’s about it! There is a nice spot for a picnic and to see some birds though if that’s what you are looking to do!

Callala Bay

You can probably skip Callala Bay and head straight to the Bay – don’t get me wrong, it’s nice but Callala Beach is nicer, you will see why by the photos below!

Callala Beach

What a pretty place! Not as nice as Murrays Beach, however, Callala Beach is gorgeous if you didn’t want to drive as far down as the National Park. Callala Beach is on the northern shore of Jervis Bay and is in the city of Shoalhaven.

thewelltravelledman jervis bay australia

Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

Located at the northern entrance to Jervis Bay, Point Perpendicular Lighthouse is located at the southern tip of the Beecroft Peninsula.

You need to register your vehicle and passengers when you enter and this is because it is a Department of Defence training ground and they often run Naval gunnery training exercises. Once you’ve registered, you drive through some pretty nice landscapes to get to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse. However, let us warn you – this gravel/dirt road is not kind on your car so I would think twice about using any sort of sports car / low profile car. At the time we have a VW Golf R and it was not a good idea taking that car… a 4WD is a better option!

Was the drive worth it? For us, no it wasn’t but I am sure if the drive is less stressful for you then you will probably enjoy it a bit more!

Honeymoon Bay

On our way out, we stopped in at Honeymoon Bay. It was a lovely little spot, really busy as there is a camping ground just off the beach. It would be perfect if you wanted to spend a few days here relaxing! The water is calm making it perfect for families.

Where to stay in Jervis Bay

We can highly recommend Paperbark Camp for a unique bush camping experience. Click here for our full review of this accommodation.

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