Our favourite secret beaches of Sydney

If you’re a bit sick and tired of the same old Bondi Beach, why not check out some of Sydney’s secret (well, not so secret) beaches that in my opinion, are way better than Bondi!

Secret Beaches of Sydney

Gordons Bay

Located along the famous Coogee to Bondi coastal walk between Coogee and Clovelly is Gordons Bay. It is so secluded and is perfect for relaxing, snorkelling or just avoiding the crowds on a hot summers day!

Little Congwong Beach

So, there is Conwong Beach and if you keep walking along the Congwong walking track you will get to Little Congwong Beach. Located in the Botany Bay National Park, south of Sydney not only is there FREE parking (and for Sydney, this is so rare) but there are heaps of walking tracks if you want something a little extra.

Little Congwong is great for snorkelling and the waves aren’t too rough so good for a nice paddle. There are no facilities at Little Congwong Beach so you will have to make your way back if you’re looking for toilets or a lunch venue. However, there is normally a guy in a boat who turns up selling ice creams and packets of chips! Just a bit of warning though, this beach has a reputation for being a nudist beach!

Photo Credit: Concrete Playground


Located in the Royal National Park, is Wattamolla Beach. It is pretty remote which means there aren’t any cafes or shops close by so remember to take some snacks with you. You will find a couple of nice walks around the area as well, and you can also head down further towards the famous Figure 8 Pools if the tide is right!

Burning Palms Beach

The beauty of Burning Palms Beach is that you need to hike to get to it! Most people who visit this beach are on their way to the Figure 8 Pools (which, by the way, are amazing!).

It is a long sandy beach and a perfect spot to unwind and relax. However, if you’re someone who likes amenities close by, this isn’t the beach for you! The hike back up to the car park will probably take you around 30 minutes and if you go in summer, you will feel like you need a shower by the time you get back to the top!

thewelltravelledman secret beaches of sydney

If you need a photo to encourage you to visit the Figure 8 Pools, here it is!

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