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As a child, you imagine spending time at rock pools, swinging from ropes into the water or jumping off rocks into waterways. Well, that’s pretty much what our childhood was about. Jenna grew up in Brisbane, so visiting the Gold Coast was something that happened frequently and so a trip or two to the Currumbin Rock Pools were definitely on the cards. The thing about South East Queensland is that there are so many incredible choices when it comes to visiting unique spots – we are certainly spoilt for choice.

We recently stopped by the rock pools and it is still just as popular as it was all those years ago.

Where to find the Currumbin Rock Pools

Located in Currumbin Valley, just a short 15 – 20-minute drive from Currumbin Beach (around 1 hour and 15 minutes from Brisbane City) you will find yourself at the Rock Pools. Just put in Currumbin Rock Pools into Google Maps and it will take you directly there.

The area is well signed, however, if you happen to arrive on a day where it is quieter, you may drive right past. However, no doubt you will see the line of cars that are parked underneath the trees along the road.

If you’re coming from the Pacific Motorway, take the Stapley Drive/Reedy Creek exit as that will be your most direct route.

The drive from the beach through the Valley is lovely and worth it even if you don’t want to stop for a quick swim.

About the Rock Pools

The water, when we visited, was quite cold! It certainly took your breath away but the beauty of these natural rock pools is that they are filled with fresh mountain water.

You will notice a variety of smooth sloping rocks, pebbled pathways and large boulders. A gorgeous little waterfall created the perfect spot (seat) for cooling off and people watch.

Always remember to be careful when jumping from any of the rocks into the water. Some areas are quite shallow and can often have rocks underneath the surface.

Facilities at Currumbin Rock Pools

The great thing about the area is the ample grassed area where families can bring their own picnic, or you can utilise the bbq facilities there and tables provided.

There is also a toilet block on site for those planning on spending some time there.

If you’re not one to bring your own food with you, or you happen to stay longer than planned and get hungry, there is a cafe across the road and they can arrange takeaway so you can take it back over to the pools.

What to bring with you

You need to remember you’re in Queensland and particularly if you’re visiting in summer, you will need to remember to pack for summer!

  • Swimmers
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Food & Water or you can use the cafe across the road
  • If you have rock shoes, bring them – it will make it easier!
  • A camera of course!

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