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Did you know that the Daintree Rainforest is the oldest tropical lowland rainforest in the world?
It is the only place in the WORLD where two UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites meet. It, of course, meets the Great Barrier Reef.

Tropical North Queensland, home to some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, yep that’s right – the planet!

Holidaying in Tropical North Queensland is beautiful yet frustrating because it is often hard to cool down given you can’t swim in the ocean (unless you’re brave enough to swim with Crocs, Sharks and deadly jellyfish!)

Mossman Gorge is, however, a safe swimming spot where you can cool off while enjoying some nice rainforest walks.

Can you think of a better way to explore the World’s OLDEST rainforest than to zip your way through the heart of the rainforest through seven ziplines and six tree platforms?

Imagine this, snorkelling in untouched Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which also happens to be the LARGEST living thing on Earth and visible from outer space. This incredible ecosystem is filled with some impressive species such as fish, starfish, dolphins, sharks and our favourite, turtles.

Woohoo! You’ve planned a trip to Tropical North Queensland and are now looking at what to pack in your suitcase. We have put together a printable checklist that can help guide you when preparing for your unforgettable holiday.┬áDon’t forget the most important thing …

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