Jungle Surfing in the Daintree National Park

Can you think of a better way to explore the World’s OLDEST rainforest than from above through the heart of the rainforest using seven zip lines and six tree platforms?

If you answered no, then Jungle Surfing is for you!

Packing for Tropical North Queensland

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What is Jungle Surfing?

Jungle Surfing is a very cool name for ziplining. We have been ziplining before at Australia’s highest zip line at Illawarra Fly and Jungle Surfing is similar but with a bit of a twist!

You are transported by seven zip lines over six tree platforms and what makes this place very different is you arrive at the first platform by the world’s FIRST Human Hamster Wheel cable lift.

Where is it located?

Jungle Surfing is located at Cape Tribulation in the Daintree National Park. It is about a 2-hour drive north of Port Douglas and 3 hours north of Cairns.

When you get to the Daintree Ferry, you will need to purchase a return ferry ticket. If you’re going for two or more days, you may as well purchase a 5-day return pass as it’s the same as buying two days return. We had only planned on heading up twice, but ended up in the area for 3 days so glad we purchased the 5 return pass pack!

When you cross the river, the drive is absolutely stunning but the road is quite bendy. Be careful and watch out for those Cassowaries!

About the Ziplining

The platforms range between 5 and 19.5m above the ground and each platform will show you a different level of the rainforest ecosystem and provide you with some incredible views into the canopy.

This is the tour circuit and as you can see there is a big variety of ziplines.

You will have around 3 guides with you throughout the two-hour experience and they will give you information on each of the platforms about the rainforest and also give you some interesting facts. One thing we learnt was that you can stick the green butt of a green-ant onto your tongue and you will get a dose of vitamin C – who knew!!!

The Human Hamster Wheel

This is pretty cool! If you’re wondering how you get to the first tree platform, it is powered by a human hamster wheel!

It is a 3m wheel which hoists you up to the platform by two people walking in the wheel. The wheel winds a cable onto a giant drum which hoists your fellow zipliners to the first platform!

How long is the tour

The tour lasts around 2 hours and absolutely flies by!

At the meeting point, you fill out some medical forms and get your jungle surfing helmet liner and wait for the minivan to take you to the location.

Out of that two hours, 1 hour is up in the canopy and the other hour is getting two and from the start of the tour, getting all set up in your harness and a briefing.

What if it’s raining?

Don’t worry!!! The tour runs in all weather conditions so you don’t need to worry about missing out.

Is there an age limit?

This tour caters to anyone from the age three to 103! So, no excuses!!

About the grounds

Completely disconnected from mainland supplies, the area operates on renewable energy from solar panels and micro-hydro turbines! Don’t expect any mobile phone reception when you’re in the Daintree!

How much does it cost?

As at January 2018, the price is $105 per adult and $95 per child. Click here for current prices.

Our experience

We had a really fun morning on the tour. What surprised us the most was the tandem zip lining – we had never seen anything like that before nor had we experienced it! It was a heap of fun. Jenna is scared of heights but has done ziplining before and was pretty good with it.

There were two spots she got a little nervous – the first was the first solo zip line which was the highest starting point and she was a little slow to get going and the other was the last tandem zip line which is managed by the guides and they lower you down slowly with a dead stop in the middle so you can enjoy the views and rainforest canopy. The slower we went the more nervous Jenna became. But, you are super safe in the harness so there is nothing to worry about!

One of the best bits was, of course, ziplining upside down and the very last one which was a dual race to the end. This particular zip line has an automatic stop and you get up to 50km/h on this one! It was super fun!!

Here is a short video of our experience (make sure to change the quality to 1080p!)

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